Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What is 888Quiz?

Answer: 888Quiz is a website offering free or prize competition quizzes on a wide variety of subjects. To keep you entertained we intend to continually add new style quizzes to the website.

Question: Is 888Quiz free?

Answer: Yes it is free if you select "Play for Free".

Playing Quizzes

Question: How long do I get to answer a question?

Answer: The amount of time is 16 seconds per question.

Question: Can I pause the timer?

Answer: No, definitely not. The clock is designed to continually run to create an element of tension in our quizzes.

Question: I answered a question correctly, but it's shown as incorrect, why?

Answer: Whilst we spend an incredible amount of time verifying our quiz questions and answers unfortunately a rogue answer can occasionally slip through.

You can help us by telling us on our Contact Us page the name of the quiz, what the question was, what you believe to be the correct answer. We will do our best to hunt it down and correct it.

Betting Money

Question: Can I really win money?

Answer: Of course, go to Play prize competition and simply answer a questions. Be the player with the highest score in the month and win money.

Don't forget however that you need to log in and join 888Quiz first.

Question: Can I increase my chances of winning?

Answer: The more Time you play quizzies (as long as you answer correctly) the more chance you have of winning. Use your life lines at the right time and win.